Worcester Bosch launch their first ever budget boiler – The Greenstar 1000

Worcester Bosch launch their first ever budget boiler – The Greenstar 1000

The newest addition to the market leading Greenstar range is everything you’d expect from a Worcester Bosch boiler, except the price.

Worcester Bosch, one of the UK’s leading home heating providers, has launched the Greenstar 1000, the latest addition to its market leading boiler range. The 1000 comes equipped with the quality of other Greenstar boilers with the key difference being the price point, designed for consumers where price is their number one consideration.

The market has changed due to the cost-of-living crisis and Worcester Bosch designed this ultimate budget boiler with that in mind. The brand firmly believes that reliable home heating should be accessible for all budgets - which is why the Greenstar 1000 is the brand’s most competitively priced product yet. True to the Worcester Bosch brand, it embodies quality at its core including a five-year guarantee.

As with all Worcester Bosch products, careful consideration is given to the installer from the initial installation process to after service. The one-box design and compact size is ideal for kitchen cupboard installations where space is at a premium. It is constructed to weigh just 26kg making transport, mounting and installations convenient and manageable for one person.

Some of the Greenstar 1000 features include:

  1. Compact, lightweight design for convenient transportation and flexible installation setup.
  2. One-box design provides front panel access to all key components, including the primary heat exchanger, for easy installation and servicing.
  3. Hydraulic connections that are in line and 35mm from rear of appliance.
  4. Gas pipe tail is also provided to centralise the connection while the PRV is perfectly located for installer access.
  5. Rear spacer frame and vertical pre-piping kit options for quicker and neater installations (available Oct 23)
  6. Fan that delivers 30kW of hot water at up to 9m maximum flue length of 60/100mm.
  7. Fully integrated 230v controls compatibility and easy to use main interface.

Martyn Bridges, Director of Technical Services at Worcester Bosch had this to say about the design of the 1000:

“The cost-of-living crisis has affected millions across the UK which has influenced demand in this industry. We pay close attention to the needs of our customers, and we know that reliability and efficiency are the two most important aspects when choosing a home heating system. We want to make this more widely accessible and so with that in mind, we decided to launch the 1000, our most competitively priced home heating system to date.”

To learn more about the Greenstar 1000, visit worcester-bosch.co.uk/1000.

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