The importance of validation in the laboratory

The importance of validation in the laboratory

The choice of equipment selected for a laboratory environment can be crucial to the success or failure of the trials and testing being carried out in that laboratory. Here, Amanda Cove, Field Sales Manager at Veolia Water Technologies UK (VWT UK), discusses the significance of selecting validated equipment for a laboratory and the solutions currently available with validation. 

In laboratory testing facilities, validation is carried out on equipment to provide quality assurance that a product or process is fit for purpose and will consistently deliver according to the predetermined specifications for its intended application. This is a crucial factor of laboratory testing as any inconsistency in formulation or method may affect the test, experiment or desired product outcome. To maintain Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) the validation process is crucial.

With water treatment solutions in particular, validation is key as many laboratories rely on a consistent supply of high purity water for their processes, and any variation in this water quality can have a drastic effect on procedures. Purchasing a validated product will ensure that your water system is fitted correctly and is supplied with clear documentation of its manufacture, development and testing, and assurance that none of its parts will have any effect on the high quality of the water it is set to produce.

The PURELAB® Chorus Lab Water System range from VWT UK is an ideal solution when validation is required. Each product in the range can be upgraded to include on-site validation by an VWT UK engineer and a simple to use validation support manual.      

Within the validation support manual, VWT UK provides documentary evidence indicating that the chosen Chorus system is installed in accordance with installation qualification (IQ) specifications and operates in accordance with the operational qualification (OQ) system.Additionally, the manual also includes certificates of conformity and calibration generated during manufacturing and the quality control process.

To provide further support, VWT UK also conducts an annual qualification service, ensuring customers receive quality validation support for the lifetime of their water purification system. It provides assurance that a system is continuing to meet all testing requirements needed in a laboratory environment and that the system is also continuing to provide the same high-quality water as it did when installed.

The PURELAB® Chorus range currently offers a number of systems to suit a variety of applications, all available with validation if required. The PURELAB® Chorus 1 is for applications that require the highest level of water purity such as pharmaceutical and research environments, as it benefits from VWT UK’s innovative PureSure® technology. Systems fitted with this technology feature a double purification pack and monitoring system, which helps secure accurate results and uninterrupted workflow.

Another option is the PURELAB® Chorus 1 Complete, which provides users with purified lab water dispensed either from the system or from a choice of Halo Dispensers. Thanks to the system’s innovative design, it is created as a ‘Tap to Type I’ system, which can provide 18.2mW ultra-pure laboratory water (Type I), at up to 20 litres an hour direct from a potable water supply. Lastly, for customers who only need Type II water, the PURELAB® Chorus 2 is a popular choice. Similar to the other solutions from the range, the reliable system provides customers with flexibility to suit their requirements.

With so many lab water systems available on the market, it can be overwhelming for laboratories to select a product that will meet their specific requirements. Thankfully, VWT UK’s latest web-based service is designed to help users select a solution that is right for them.

The company’s new PURELAB® Scientific Product Selector Tool is a user-friendly service, which follows a simple step-by-step process. It first asks customers to select the specific application they require a pure water production system for. Next, customers are asked to answer some basic questions about their current water feed. From this information, VWT UK’s service will suggest a system from the PURELAB® Chorus range, providing users with the best possible water treatment system for their laboratory needs.

Once a recommendation has been generated, the web service will present the users with an interactive video, demonstrating how the product will work in situ. Moreover, this will also show users what the system looks like internally and provide additional technical information on how the product works. When the user is happy with their recommendation, they can request further technical information directly from the site, which VWT UK will provide promptly.

Selecting the right system for a laboratory’s needs is not easy, particularly when working with data that can easily be affected by alterations in basic components such as water purity or by the compounds found in the water treatment system itself. By utilising VWT UK’s PURELAB® Scientific Product Selector Tool and investing in product validation, users can rest assured that the product they select is going to offer the highest quality water to a specific degree of accuracy throughout its life cycle.

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