TROX'S new TVE Volume Flow Controllers set new standards for energy efficiency

TROX'S new TVE Volume Flow Controllers set new standards for energy efficiency

The TROX TVE range of flow controllers for variable air volume (VAV) systems is the most energy-efficient to date, accommodating lower airflow velocities than any other circular VAV. Advanced technology for measuring airflow is built within the damper blade, removing the need for a separate flow grid and allowing airflow measurement in both directions. The recently expanded TVE range also incorporates numerous design features for faster, more cost-effective installation and easy cleaning benefits for long life with minimised maintenance.

The TROX TVE range now includes volume flow controllers in nominal dimensions 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 315 and 400mm. The two larger dimension models were recently introduced to meet a broader range of air handling applications.

 Energy efficiency is a key advantage of the TVE range; they can measure airflows from 13 m/s right down to 0.5 m/s. This large turn-down ratio allows significant reductions in airflow volumes to be implemented when rooms are unoccupied, allowing the air handling unit (AHU) to operate at lower pressure/speed than usual and then only ramp up to design parameters when required.

 Installation and life cycle

Ease of installation was a priority when designing the TVE range, and many innovative features contribute to fast, simplified fitting. The space-saving design combined with the fact that there is no requirement for straight upstream duct, mean that the TVE offers greater flexibility during installation. Airflow rate can be measured accurately in both directions meaning the risk of the incorrect fitting is significantly reduced.

 Throughout the unit's life, routine maintenance such as cleaning is minimised, as there are no interfering components in or on the duct. These features combine to create a volume flow controller which excels in all aspects of lifecycle performance, from energy efficiency to long-term reliability.

 Andrew Fletcher, Product Technical Manager – Control Units commented: “With the ever-growing concern around global warming, everyone is striving to reduce energy usage. One of the best ways to do this within HVAC systems is by reducing ventilation during idle times. This is made possible by the large 1:25 turn down ratio achievable with the new TROX TVE range, measuring flows down to 0.5 m/s.”

 Neil Addison, Managing Director (Sales & Operations) TROX UK, said: “The TROX TVE range is part of a wider portfolio of TROX solutions which includes air handling units, chilled beams, fan coils, grilles/diffusers, and specialist air management systems for laboratories. Our ability to analyse the system as a whole helps us to identify the most effective ways of driving down overall energy consumption. In the drive towards net zero, this holistic approach to product design is key.”

 For further information on the TVE range of volume flow controllers, contact TROX on tel: 01842 754545 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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