Revolutionise your fire safety management with Fire Ledger, saving time and money

Revolutionise your fire safety management with Fire Ledger, saving time and money

Hassle Free & User-friendly

Fire Ledger has been developed by a qualified fire risk assessor, trainer (DTLLS), and former fire fighter, to be an easy to operate, interactive, pro-active, educational, and focussed fire safety management system (FSMS), designed to be inclusive so that anyone with the knowledge to operate a smart phone or device can operate Fire Ledger with little or no training, you and your participating staff can follow our system to actively manage and record all fire safety duties and responsibilities. Fire Ledger empowers us to say goodbye to the complexities and frustrations of traditional paperwork or multi-databased systems with confidence.

Fire Ledger can be tailored to the needs of schools, businesses, landlords, building management companies and more, in fact anywhere that ‘responsible persons’ are required to comply with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and associated Fire Legislation.

For total transparency there is the function to share your dashboard and content on a ‘read only’ basis with interested parties such as your Fire Risk Assessor, Fire Authorities, Education Authorities, Housing Authorities, Insurance Companies, etc. where they can view the high standard of your fire safety management at a glance and download any relevant documents they may require.

Measure, Record, Manage
Fire Ledger consolidates all essential inputs for fire safety management, from certifications and Fire Risk Assessments to checks, tests, and maintenance results. Easily upload PDF documents into relevant sections, providing instant access for reading, emailing, or printing. Each test or check is time and date stamped, ensuring accurate and secure records.

Enhancing Compliance
Gain experience of a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of your fire safety standards with Fire Ledger. Our system promptly notifies you of required or upcoming maintenance, servicing, training, or compliance needs, empowering positive forward planning, and budget management.

Intuitive & Accurate
Fire Ledger’s easy-to-follow dashboard presents a ‘swing meter’ compliance overview and a traffic light status bar, providing quick insights into your fire safety status. Drop-down menus for weekly and monthly tests reduce the need for typing or writing, while unique QR codes identify specific areas with pre-set locations and additional information as well as notification if a test or check has been missed.

Our Findings For Action section immediately identifies any inputs which require remedial actions, these are highlighted for the system administrator to action and to resolve promoting swift and timely pro-active maintenance, once resolved the action is removed from this section and the full report saved in the relevant section allowing for complete records to be kept.

Super Dashboard for Multi-Site Management
For businesses with multiple sites, Fire Ledger’s Super Dashboard offers a convenient overview of fire safety levels at each location. With a single click, super administrators access each site’s dashboard for additional information, ensuring standardised fire safety management throughout the organisation.

Stay Up to Date with Reminders
Never miss time-sensitive documents like Fire Risk Assessments, Fixed Wiring tests, and Training certifications. Fire Ledger sends pre-set reminders, giving you ample notice for renewals and ensuring ongoing compliance.

GDPR Ready & Secure
Rest assured that your company information is safe with Fire Ledger’s two-factor authentication. Share data with colleagues through master and subsidiary account levels, streamlining collaboration and ensuring GDPR compliance, there are limited levels of access to ensure that only administrators can ‘resolve’ or ‘delete’ within the system to prevent accidental or malicious actions.

Simple & Transparent Pricing
Fire Ledger adopts a transparent pricing method, eliminating binding contracts and offering a cost-effective solution for efficient and pro-active fire safety management.

For more information or to discuss how the Fire Ledger APP can assist you with compliance please visit our website

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