Maximise hearing accessibility with new rechargeable loop listener

Maximise hearing accessibility with new rechargeable loop listener

Universities can maximise hearing accessibility with a new rechargeable loop listener that gives everyone access to clear sound.  

The RX-30 from Contacta Systems is a pocket-sized receiver which opens up the capability of an existing loop system. 

Through its accompanying headphones, or the user’s own, the RX-30 enables those who struggle to hear but who don’t use a hearing aid, to receive sound directly from the hearing loop, cutting out background noise and offering crystal clear speech and music.  

Created by Contacta’s in-house design team, the RX-30 offers up to 50 hours of battery life and comes with a range of charging options, with base stations to accommodate one, five, 10, 15 or 20 receivers. 

“The RX-30 creates added value for universities that have invested in a hearing loop system,” said Contacta’s Head of New Business Development, Ran Meyrav. 

“Not only does it make a learning, performance or event space more accessible, it also has the potential to attract more students or conference bookings as it creates a welcoming environment for people with any degree of hearing loss.   

“The prevalence of hearing loss is growing, among both the young and older populations.  While almost seven million people in the UK could benefit from a hearing aid, only about two million people use them, so you can see how many the RX-30 could help. 

“The RX-30 delivers speech or music from a microphone, via the hearing loop, with no latency, and the product suppresses both background noises and low frequency hums.  It removes the effort of trying to hear.” 

Being rechargeable is a unique feature of the RX-30, cutting out the need for cables and ensuring the units are all in one place and easily located when users request them.   

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