Keele Student’s Union optimizes cash handling with SUZOHAPP’s CashComplete™ solution

Keele Student’s Union optimizes cash handling with SUZOHAPP’s CashComplete™ solution

Keele Student’s Union has a number of student facilities on site, including bars, café facilities, retail outlet, print shop, reception, and cloak room, which require till floats to be prepared, deposited and the provision of change to be provided in a secure manner for many hours during the day and night.

Furthermore, many of the clubs and societies collect cash with the need to deposit it at varying hours of the day. With a high level of change received from the students as well the commercial outlets and events, the manual counting of cash was very time-consuming and the finance tracking and reporting available were at a minimum.

Keele Students’ Union chose the CashComplete™ complete solution from SUZOHAPP to solve these issues - the RCS-400 2.0 coin recycling solution configured with an SDM-504 note unit were installed, allowing them to completely automate their cash handling. This advanced cash management system accepts, sorts, dispenses and recycles both coins and banknotes. During late night events, change can be obtained securely as and when required, and at the end of the night all the takings are deposited into the solution for counting, sorting and storing securely - speeding up the end of shift process. Reporting are improved thanks to the CashComplete™ Connect software which provides instant information on all the transactions made and the amount of coins and notes available.

Steve Fitton, SCAN COIN UK Sales Director, comments on the feedback from the team at Keele Students’ Union that was involved in this project, “Previously the floats had to be counted at the beginning and end of the shift, sometimes being double counted. This is no longer the case, saving not only time but ensuring that no errors can occur. Furthermore, our CashComplete™ solution has minimized any risk opportunities for fraud/shrinkage with the complete audit trail and detailed reporting, and removing easy access to cash.”

“Implementing a CashComplete™ solution has increased our cash security and reduced our operating costs. It has saved us time with reconciliation and enhanced staff efficiency. We are very satisfied with these results and we continue to work with SUZOHAPP with an ongoing maintenance contract,” says Dave Brown, Head of Finance and Resources of Keele Student’s Union.