In chorus with Veolia Water Technologies UK

In chorus with Veolia Water Technologies UK

Made up of industry-leading modular laboratory water systems, the PURELAB® Chorus Lab Water System is suitable for customers in the biotech, pharmaceutical and testing laboratory sectors. Now, Veolia Water Technologies (VWT UK) has made specifying systems from the range even easier with the launch of its PURELAB® Scientific Product Selector Tool.

In launching its new service, VWT UK has helped to simplify the specification process associated with procuring pure water production systems. The company’s new PURELAB® Scientific Product Selector Tool is a web-based service, which quantifies the suitability of different solutions from the PURELAB® Chorus Lab Water System range based on an individual’s specific site needs. The user-friendly service, which follows a simple step-by-step process, first asks customers to select the specific application they require a pure water production system for. Next, customers are asked to answer some basic questions about their current water feed. From this information, VWT UK’s service is able to automatically generate a system recommendation.

Once a system has been recommended, the web tool takes users to an interactive infographic screen, which demonstrates how the chosen system will work in practice. Additionally, the service provides users with a rendered image of how the system would look in-situ. Finally, users are able to use the service to look inside their recommended system and get important information on the technologies that make it function. By providing this extra level of insight, VWT UK is delivering additional value to its customers. When the user is happy with their recommendation, they can request further technical information directly from the site, which VWT UK will provide promptly.

Speaking on the new development, Amanda Cove, Field Sales Manager at VWT UK commented: “The launch of the PURELAB® Scientific Product Selector Tool is our latest step in providing customers with solutions that make day-to-day operations easier. Much like the forward-thinking technology it supports, the new application is both convenient and innovative, enabling far easier system specification than before. Made and manufactured in Britain, systems from the PURELAB® Chorus Lab Water range offer customers guaranteed water quality when they need it most. Now, with the web tool as well, customers are able to have that same confidence when making their initial specification choice, eliminating any hassle or worry from the process.”

With their simple ergonomic designs, solutions from the PURELAB® Chorus Lab Water System range offer customers reliable purified lab water production in an easy-to-use package. As such, products can be used across a number of industrial and scientific applications, including; sophisticated research and testing, qualitative analyses, feeding ultra-pure water systems, glassware washing and autoclaves.

Currently, VWT UK offers three main solutions from the PURELAB® Chorus Lab Water System range. The first, PURELAB® Chorus 1 Complete provides purified lab water dispensation either directly from the system or from a choice of Halo Dispensers. Thanks to the system’s innovative design, customers can add multiple dispense points throughout their operations without having to pay for additional systems.

Similarly, the PURELAB® Chorus 1 is the ideal solution for applications that require the highest level of water purity as it benefits from VWT UK’s innovative PureSure® technology. Systems fitted with PureSure® technology feature a double purification pack and monitoring system, which helps to ensure accurate results and uninterrupted workflow. In turn, the method enables guaranteed, optimum, product water quality, as well as advanced warning of consumable change and extended consumable service life. For customers who only need Type II water, the PURELAB Chorus 2 is a popular choice. Akin to other solutions from the range, the reliable system provides customers with flexibility to suit their requirements.

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