Hörmann UK’s SP 500 sports doors get top honours at Newcastle University

Hörmann UK’s SP 500 sports doors get top honours at Newcastle University

Safety, security and durability were the key criteria when choosing the doors for Newcastle University’s impressive multi-million pound new sports hall facility. With this in mind, Darlington Door Services, the team commissioned to supply and install the doors, was quick to recommend Hörmann UK’s SP 500 sports hall doors.

For more than 30 years, Darlington Door Services has been an official partner of Hörmann UK, supplying a variety of both domestic and commercial doors to customers throughout Northern England. The team was recently commissioned by the contractor to supply and install four extremely durable and resilient up and over sports doors inside the university’s new £16 million state of the art sports facility.

For Newcastle University the new sports hall doors would need to be able to withstand both potential impact damage from ball games and sporting equipment, as well as being able to cope with high usage given the anticipated number of students and staff who will be using the new facility. Hörmann SP 500 sports hall doors were the obvious choice.

Specially designed for schools with recreational and leisure facilities such as university sports halls, Hörmann SP 500 doors are sturdy in design, providing maximum security, safety and durability. Thanks to the elastic impact surface, Hörmann SP 500 sports hall doors provide a force reduction of more than 60% making them ideal for areas where ball games will take place. Additionally, the doors are fitted with a shock-resistant safety track cladding with adjustable plastic rollers on ball bearings to reduce wear and tear and ensure longer periods of maintenance-free use.

Steve Davies, Director for Darlington Door Services, said: “We have been working closely with Hörmann UK for more than 30 years, so we know that the doors are extremely reliable and offer exceptional performance. For the last three decades that we have worked together, Hörmann UK has always delivered an exceptional level of service and is continuously improving its product offering to exceed industry standards. So, when we were approached by the contractor to supply doors for its impressive new multi-million pound sports hall, Hörmann SP 500 sports hall doors were the ideal choice, exceeding the selection criteria and providing an exceptionally durable and safe solution.

 “In terms of installation, these doors are also really easy and straightforward, with the added advantage of being supplied ready to fit for onsite infill,” continued Steve. “For this reason, the contractors opted to infill the doors themselves. Once this was completed, we returned to site and made any necessary adjustments, adding the counter weights to ensure the doors operate safely and correctly. This was a great project to be involved in and both ourselves and the team at Newcastle University were delighted with the final results.”

Hörmann SP 500 doors also offer exceptional levels of safety, another very important selection criteria for Newcastle University. Safety features include vertical and horizontal guide rails to ensure safe door guidance and buffer stops to slow the door down gently when opening and closing. The doors are also designed not to swing out when opened and will not protrude into the sports hall if left open.

In order to reduce the risk of foot injuries, the bottom edge of the door has also been equipped with an elastic trap protection over the entire door width and double-sided latch locks prevent the doors from being unintentionally opened. The doors are installed flush against the wall to avoid sharp corners and the recessed handles are also embedded into the door leaf preventing accidental injury.

Stuart Shaw, National Field Sales Manager at Hörmann UK, added: “Newcastle University is not only a highly prestigious educational facility but it really is the pride of Newcastle with its iconic buildings sitting in the very heart of the city. The new sports hall redevelopment will provide state of the art facilities for current and future students so it was fantastic to be involved in this project with Darlington Door Services. We would like to thank Steve and the team with whom we have built a longstanding and very successful partnership over the last 30 years and we look forward to continuing this partnership for many more years to come.”

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