Furniture needs to be tough in any education environment

Furniture needs to be tough in any education environment

Furniture needs to be tough in any education environment. That’s why when we manufacture our furniture, whether its for student accommodation or the classroom, a nursery, primary/secondary school, college or university, we take the time to choose the best materials for the job.

Aspen Concepts are a large UK joinery manufacturer and installation company. Our new, purpose-built, joinery factory is centrally located in the Midlands and our nationwide installation teams are all ideally placed to provide any kind of furniture required for education.

We don’t have a predefined range of furniture that you choose from a catalogue, this allows us the freedom to manufacture any item to your exact dimensions and requirements. A full bespoke manufacturing service. This doesn’t mean that our products are any more expensive than those from other suppliers, only that we can custom build exactly what you need. You get to choose the design and the colours, making any item of furniture unique to your establishment. If you need assistance with designs or already have an architect designed room layout and predefined scheme for your student accommodation rooms we can help.

We also offer a refurbishment service for student accommodation blocks, this means that we can either repair furniture in situ or remove it for repairs, but install an immediate replacement. The refurbished piece is then ready for installation at a later date into another room as a replacement item. Alternatively, if you wish to completely modernise an accommodation block with a new design and colour of furniture, we can work our way room by room replacing and redecorating each room.

So, whether it’s creating modern interiors for student bedrooms, a warm relaxing environment in a communal area such a library, a restaurant or living area, or perhaps the need for vibrant colours in educational learning zones, Aspen Concepts can draw on a full range of material suppliers in order to provide the ideal finish and design for your needs. We will pre-assemble as much as possible for strength and quality as well as speed on site during installation.

Education furniture items we manufacture:

  • Higher education student accommodation bedroom furniture, wardrobes, study desks
  • Refurbish service, refit of existing fittings or replacement with new
  • Library shelving (including movable shelving)
  • Reduced height nursery cabinets and play stations
  • IT suites, desks and study areas
  • Restaurant interiors and servery counters
  • Trophy and display cabinets
  • Changing facilities inc Lockers, toilet cubicles and shower cubicles

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