Fabscrap: The beauty of imperfection

Fabscrap: The beauty of imperfection

Forbo Flooring Systems is pleased to announce the launch of Fabscrap, a new homogeneous vinyl floor covering concept, which uses excess chip material to create colourful mixes for a truly unique and playful design.

Taking sustainability and innovation to new heights, Fabscrap has been designed to reduce waste, by turning the excess chip mix from the production runs of Sphera – Forbo’s premium homogeneous vinyl collection – into vibrant floor coverings that resembles a colourful terrazzo and is suitable for an array of environments.

Janet Lowe, Head of Marketing UK and Ireland at Forbo Flooring Systems, said: “Fabscrap is a unique design concept and is a fabulous solution for material that would otherwise end up in the recycled backing of our other vinyl products. Using start-up chip waste from standard production runs of Forbo Sphera Element, Fabscrap offers customers a truly unique and bespoke floor covering with an element of surprise to the playful design.   

“The one constant is the background colour of the Fabscrap mix, as the granules are taken from selected Sphera Element baseline colours, but the final colour combination is created using excess chips from other existing Element colourways. As each batch of chip material is different, the exact content of the colourful mix cannot be influenced – resulting in a spectacular and completely unique play of colours every time.”

Specifiers can choose from four standard Sphera Element colourways for the base layer: Mortar, China Blue, White and Mid Neutral Grey.  This base layer accounts for 40% of the final Fabscrap colour and these colours are readily available for projects that require a quick turnaround. However, for a more bespoke design option, any single Sphera Element colour can be used as the base of the Fabscrap mix if desired.

The base layer colour is then combined with 60% of mixed chips taken from the Sphera production runs, which will usually consist of seven to eight bright colours, depending on what is available at the time. Colours in the mix will vary per production run leading to random and bespoke outcomes. The excess chip mix creates an entirely new floor visual that offers striking design opportunities.

Phthalate free, the multi-coloured speckled design of Fabscrap will contribute to healthier indoor environments, making it ideal for most application areas including retail, leisure, hospitality, healthcare and education. The floor covering can be used as a stand-alone option, installed alongside its corresponding Sphera Element colours or combined with other Fabscrap items for an eye-catching and whimsical effect.

Janet concluded: “At Forbo we aim to create better environments and as such, we are conscious about the way we manufacture our floor coverings; we try to reduce, recycle and reuse waste and excess production materials wherever we can. Fabscrap re-uses virgin raw materials and is made in a zero-waste environment; the concept demonstrates a real example of craftmanship and improvisation, as we are able to provide a unique stamp in every floor covering.”

For more information please visit: www.forbo-flooring.co.uk/fabscrap