Burg-wächter provides peace of mind at Lismore Castle Estate

Burg-wächter provides peace of mind at Lismore Castle Estate

In a world of changing technology, Lismore Castle Estate, based in County Waterford, Ireland, has found that a traditional Grand Master Keyed padlock system from Burg-Wächter and MD Lock and Key, fills their needs and requirements for securing their grounds.

Part of a wide range of products and solutions provided by leading security company, Burg-Wächter, padlocks are an easy and convenient way to protect hefty, outdoor valuables, and with the bespoke security system that can be created, they are ideal for securing large outdoor premises.

Superior security needed to prevent theft

Adrienne Booth, forestry manager at Lismore Castle Estate, explained that the estate already had a padlock system in place, but it was a ‘one key opens all’ method.

Adrienne said “The estate was already using Burg-Wächter padlocks, which we liked, but we found that keys were being lost or copied, meaning people were getting unauthorised access to the grounds. We were concerned about the theft of timber, so I spoke to the sales team at Burg-Wächter to see if we could find a way around this.”

Peter Walsh, area sales manager at Burg-Wächter, along with Killian Darcy, local locksmith and owner of MD Lock & Key, used their joint expertise to come up with a tailored solution – a Grand Master Keyed system using the D 600 Diamant padlock.

Grand Master System

With a rustproof interior housed inside a solid brass body, the D 600 Diamant padlock boasts a high breaking strength and ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. It also has a double-bolted shackle and is appropriate for master keyed systems, making it the top choice for customers who require different levels of access.

12 padlocks were needed for each of the estate’s entrances, using a Grand Master Keyed system that would have 1 Grand Master Key, 4 Master Keys and 12 Servant keys.

With a Grand Master key that would open all 12 padlocks, Adrienne would have full access to all of the grounds. Each Master key opens three specific locks out of the 12, and would be shared with staff to afford them access to some, but not all, sites. Each Servant key would only open one specific lock, and would need to be signed out by visitors and site workers.

Peace of mind

Adrienne explained that the entire process took around 2-3 weeks to roll out. He said, “Everything was just so easy, from the moment I spoke to Peter, he and Killian worked to understand my requirements and put together a system that would work for me and the Lismore Castle Estate.

“I was really impressed how quickly we got the system into place, how well it’s working and how easy the entire process was. We are also able to swap padlocks around the estate so that no-one will know which key opens which lock. It’s given us a lot more control over who can get into the estate and where they can get in from. I wouldn’t hesitate about recommending Burg-Wächter to anyone else with security problems.”

Peter is also happy with how the plan went. He said, “I’m so pleased we were able to use our product expertise and customer service skills to deliver exactly what Adrienne wanted. We always aim to deliver first-class service and will work with the customer until they are completely satisfied with the result.”

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