Big Foot Systems Provides Extensive Safe Access System to German University

Big Foot Systems has supplied an extensive custom Safe Access solution to the Zemos Research Building at the Ruhr University Bochum in Germany. Building work for this internationally renowned institution for solvation science was completed in 2016 and Big Foot Systems impressed all parties with their technical ability, reliability and non-penetrative Safe Access system.

Rooftop plant included four heat pumps and three dry air coolers, which are located on the research building’s flat roof. Safe access was required to maintain this plant and the planners wanted a non-penetrative system. Project Manager, Klaus-Jürgen Brinkmann, who was in charge of the technical planning of the construction project, brought Big Foot Systems onto the project who carried out an initial site visit where it became clear that the project would be more complex than most Safe Access projects.

To ensure the right solution was provided, our team visited the site to accurately measure each of the 21 platforms that were required on the rooftop ” explains Sizzo Gericke, Sales Manager – Germany, Big Foot Systems. “Due to the complexity of several of the access points, 3D models of each design scenario were created. Our technical team were then able to design a custom solution for each location, which was followed up by a final site survey to ensure that no detail was missed.”

Jake Quintel, Project Engineer, Big Foot Systems, who designed the solution for the project, adds: “As no two platforms were identical, this project was quite challenging from a technical perspective requiring custom solutions. Plus due to the logistics of the project it was critical to ensure each detail was right first time.”

After several months of collaboration with the Planning Office and the installation engineering team, Leniger, works began on the roof of the research building. Due to the small roof area and the large amount of works required to install each of the platforms, the installation was broken down into two separate phases with separate deliveries and crane lifts. To support the installation process Big Foot Technical attended site on several occasions to aid the installation team and ensure the entire process ran as smoothly as possible. 

Big Foot Systems has been able to provide a unique maintenance path that has been perfectly adapted to the local conditions and which gives efficient, safe and reliable access to all installed equipment. With a total of 21 platforms, a walkway height of up to 2m and a length of up to 9m, Project Zemos is one of the largest and most comprehensive Safe Access projects in Germany.

The Big Foot Safe Access range is designed to allow a secure route for service engineers and other trades to gain access to plant and for managing the flow of other personnel. Offering a comprehensive range of solutions for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, Big Foot’s Safe Access systems provide standard site-assembled, safe access walkways, platforms and step overs. In addition, Big Foot will survey and design custom Safe Access systems tailored specifically to meet individual design parameters.

Big Foot Systems’ non-penetrative products and systems are quick and easy to install ensuring project cost and time clarity, thus reducing the need for complex, time-consuming and expensive detailing. Offering improved roof aesthetics, Big Foot Systems provides engineered solutions that are innovative in design, robust and repeatable. Big Foot combines market leading products and services, which include system design and on-site support. Available to install in all weathers utilising familiar componentry, all systems are designed with safety, security and simplicity in mind. Finally Big Foot Systems offers short manufacture and delivery lead times to help a project meet its schedule and stay within budget.

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