AtlasIED Showcases 5400 Series of Critical EN 54-16 Compliant Voice Evacuation Systems at ISE 2022

AtlasIED Showcases 5400 Series of Critical EN 54-16 Compliant Voice Evacuation Systems at ISE 2022

AtlasIED’s 5400 Series supports effective mass communications through easy-to-install, scalable, all-in-one solutions.  

AtlasIED, a global leader in mass communications solutions, is spotlighting its 5400 Series EN 54-16 Compliant Voice Evacuation Systems for hotels, office buildings and public spaces at ISE 2022.

AtlasIED designed and engineered the 5400 Series from the ground up to answer the rigorous demands for mass notification and emergency communications initiated by EN 54-16 standards for life safety signaling and paging systems. The 5400 Series not only offers key voice evacuation and emergency response features, but also provides solutions for day-to-day communications and paging needs.

“Having a mass communication system in place that is easy to use without compromising the rigorous demands for a comprehensive, robust, proven communications technology that meets European EN 54-16 standards is of paramount importance to our European customers,” says Dean Standing, International Sales Manager, AtlasIED. “The 5400 Series is specifically designed to meet that need and facilitate these critical mass communication applications in a way that will support these requirements now and in the future.”

The core of the 5400 Series is the 5400ACS, an integrated announcement controller that effectively manages systems of emergency communication stations, digital zone manager amplifier units and other network peripherals, including up to 50 digital microphone stations.

Featuring built-in message server capability, the 5400ACS is capable of recording two channels of delayed messages while providing two channels of message playback. Users may schedule messages for playback, as well as initiate announcements by contact closures, from a microphone paging station, the 5400ACS front panel, or by a network command from higher level management software such as AtlasIED Director.

The 5400ACS offers overall supervision capabilities that allow the unit to recognize and report equipment faults and ongoing alarm conditions, including managing disabled and delayed zones, providing fault status information and automatically switching to redundant amplifiers or controllers in the event of failure. 

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