Zunoma highlights the benefits of digital certification to save administration time in the education sector

Zunoma highlights the benefits of digital certification to save administration time in the education sector

The recent pandemic prompted a major shift to public services moving online with the education sector seeing one of the biggest changes as 1.2 billion[1] children were forced to study online. Digital security firm, Zunoma, is leading the change in digitalising examination certificates in the education sector.

Due to Covid-19, there has been a global increase in online education over the last 18 months, with online learning provider edX seeing an increase of 161% in the number of people registering to learn online[2]. With education becoming more digitally accessible, there is an increasing need for a digital certification and validation.

Furthermore, locating education records and transcripts is a manual and time-consuming process for administration staff. Digital certification requires minimal admin and is easier to manage and share between parties, be it the universities or students.

Dinah Ouzman, Director of Strategy & Product Development at Zunoma, said: “There has been a huge shift to digital across many sectors since the start of the pandemic and the education sector is no different.”

“Zunoma’s digital transformation experts have already successfully begun the process of guiding many of our customers through the transition to digital certification, with the vast majority of our clients saying they recognise this shift.”

Many universities across the country have already begun the move to include a hybrid of print and digital certification. With some examining bodies charging up to £50[3] for a replacement certificate, digital alternatives are a much more appealing and cost-effective alternative.

Due to an increasing demand from employers to verify qualifications, Zunoma has developed verification apps to simplify the process and remove the middleman. Zunoma offers a complete design, print and personalisation service of multiple education documents and is trusted by examination and awarding bodies in the UK and internationally.

To find out more about the services Zunoma can provide to the education sector, please visit: www.zunoma.com/security-print-software/certificates-education


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