Tio Fire Safety delivers UK first with revolutionary digital logbook

Tio Fire Safety delivers UK first with revolutionary digital logbook

The fire logbook, a legal requirement and critical link in the safety of millions of UK buildings that is often overlooked, abused or left incomplete, has been updated and made fit for the modern age with the launch of the revolutionary Digital Fire and Security Logbook from Tio Fire Systems, offering a number of benefits to professionals in the security sector, especially those who also work in Fire.

Cloud-based and permitted under BS5839-1, Tio’s true Digital Fire & Security Logbook is priced and designed to replace a range of paper logbooks, and is pre-configured to bring together a huge number of fire, safety and security topics in one place. It is quick to set up and as easy to use as paper, solves a multitude of issues and radically improves safety, relationships and compliance for all parties, including security professionals, who can use the system to plan and log any actions relating to the security system, as well as any fire-related responsibilities they may have.

Full of unique features, Tio’s logbook includes a compliance task manager that automatically schedules and tracks tasks for service providers, building occupiers and risk assessors; a customisable guidance module that helps staff complete jobs, linked asset registers and maintenance, variances, false alarm and activation tracker, custom tasks creator; fire visitor logbook; and digital documents storage. All users get a performance and compliance dashboard, permitting oversight and management from a single site to vast portfolios of properties, making life simpler for security professionals who are often required to attend hundreds of buildings over the course of a month or year.

Instead of a paper document in a cabinet at the building entrance, a QR code is displayed, giving either open access to the cloud-based records or, where security is a concern, access to all permitted individuals and organisations.

“Today, there is rightly much more focus on compliance, and this is influencing the roles and responsibilities of security sector professionals who also work in the fire sector, said Jason Hill, sales manager for Tio Fire Safety. “We call our product the only true digital fire logbook because, while other products do call themselves logbooks, they are in reality limited, one-way customer portals or engineer tools, not genuine improvements on the paper logbook that permit contributions from all stakeholders. Our Digital Fire Logbook delivers all of the required information, which can be accessed and entered on any web-connected device, ensuring 100% compliance and safeguarding the integrity of the information in any fire incident.


“At Tio, we believe that fire safety, compliance and maintenance are better achieved through clear communication and efficient management of tasks, assets and responsibilities across many teams and parties. For someone responsible for the maintenance of security, electrical, and fire safety a digital record is becoming essential for accountability and best practice. The logbook can be used independently, combined with our own asset management suite, or integrated with a growing number of fire and safety software providers.”

Tio is a fast-growing fire and safety software provider, created and staffed by UK fire and safety industry experts from estates managers and OEMs to service and maintenance engineers, ensuring its products are fast, efficient and solve customer problems while improving building safety.

For more information visit www.tiofiresfatey.com 

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