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Shield, sanitise, protect with Shop Shields

Shielding is all about visibility

As lockdown measures begin to relax, the need to protect all users of education sites becomes even more vital. Protective barriers against droplet infection from coughs and sneezes must use world-class design and materials.

Shop Shields guards staff and campus users in receptions, refectories, libraries and all communal areas. Our screens are the ultimate barrier to prevent the spread of viruses and block out infectious airborne particles. When social distancing becomes difficult at pinch-points, our shields give security in all settings. Clear viewing between staff member and visitor is retained so ensuring effective communication and transactions can still be performed through a small opening.

These robust acrylic screens come in ready-made sizes or can be custom-built. We’ll mail standard sizes to you or our professional fitters will install bespoke solutions. Place or attach them to countertops, many types of fascia and flat surfaces. Our innovative designs and materials quality mean the cleaning and disinfecting demanded by current challenges can be streamlined but always rigorous.

Hand hygiene saves lives and is your duty of care

Contactless hand sanitiser dispensers are now an integral part of any health & safety regime.

Visitors, students and staff at your campus expect hassle-free sanitisation without having to touch the unit. Shop Shields exploits leading infrared sensor technology to activate the dispenser as users present their hand.

The induction distance on these floor-standing models can be from 2-10cm which caters for use in just about any environment and a gel outlet is also available. Maintenance staff can check contents in the 1,000 ml container from a level window. You can be confident there will be no mess with a drip tray supplied as standard. Power is from AA batteries (not included.)

Give key workers and all site staff premium protection

From masks and wipes right up to gowns, Shop Shields has everybody on your estate covered. Disposable ‘kimono’ lab coats and gowns come in packs of ten and can be used with our acrylic face shield protective visors to give your staff the best possible protection from droplets.

A contactless approach runs right through the Shop Shields offering and we have a leading LCD infrared non-contact digital thermometer to check visitors and staff for Covid symptoms. Monitor everybody on your site for normal temperature, low or high fever states quickly (six seconds between readings) and with a measurement distance of 1-3cm.

Our superior KN95 respirator face masks optimise protection for your staff while the 3D design holds the mouth structure slightly away from the face meaning the wearer can breathe comfortably and speak audibly to others.

In a time of crisis, responsive ergonomic product design from a leading brand gives you the edge against extraordinary challenges.