Goupil EV range a safe bet for UK schools as the sector works towards net zero goals

Goupil EV range a safe bet for UK schools as the sector works towards net zero goals

As the UK government continues to issue rallying cries across all sectors to come together to fight climate change, a number of schools throughout the UK are helping to do their bit through switching their traditional site vehicles to a popular zero-emission light utility vehicle range.

The Goupil utility vehicle range, which is exclusively supplied by Bradshaw Electric Vehicles in the UK, has swiftly become a hit with independent schools, in particular with Bedford School, Peterborough School and St. Peter’s School, York which have all acquired Goupil vehicles in recent years.

With its capabilities being both varied and diverse, the Goupil vehicles have been put to use in a number of different ways by their new handlers at Peterborough, Bedford and St. Peters School.

St, Peter’s York, which prides itself on being the third oldest school in the UK, opted for a specially designed G4 Box Van to help transport food and necessities within the school grounds as well as within its local community.

Peterborough School’s G2 pick-up, which has affectionally been named as ‘Sheldon’ by the pupils, was to transport goods and equipment between the school’s 15 buildings as well as to collect waste across its 10-acre site.

As for Bedford School, their Goupil G4 is similarly being put to task to help the site management team with a host of tasks from waste management to transporting goods across their extensive grounds.

Entirely customisable and available in two different models – the G2 and G4– the Goupil range is ideally suited to working across large-scale estates, even those that are connected by a public highway, as a result of their low maintenance, generous payload and compact size.

The purchase of the Goupil vehicles comes at a time where British schools are actively accelerating their sustainability plans as the nation etches ever closer to the government’s vision for decarbonising all sectors of the UK economy by 2050.

With battling climate change on the lips of all within the sector, Ramsy Labassi, Marketing Manager at Bradshaw Electric Vehicles – the UK’s exclusive supplier of the Goupil vehicle range – expects more schools in the coming years to follow suit and make the switch to the Goupil range as a result of their versatile usage and zero-emission output.

Ramsy commented: “It has been great to see our Goupil vehicles being widely adopted by some of the UK’s most revered schools and become increasingly popular as a whole across the entire sector.

“Climate change has swiftly risen to the top of the global agenda in recent years, and as such organisations are actively looking at alternative ways to ensure that their operations become more sustainable and environmentally friendly – but of course without compromising on performance, uptime, or output.

“This is where we find the Goupil vehicles tick a number of boxes for our customers in the independent school space. They are not only ideally suited to a wide range of uses, whether that be waste management or for transporting goods or food, but they also offer an excellent alternative to their petrol or diesel counterparts by providing the same efficiencies but with the carbon-free advantage.”

Ramsy continued: “The fact the Goupil’s can be customisable to our customer’s bespoke requirements as well as to the specified usage of the vehicle is also a significant benefit. With St Peter’s, York they requested upon purchase that the vehicle was to be equipped with a shutter at the side, as well as at the back, to facilitate the easy loading and unloading of the vehicle – and we delivered just that.”

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